What is a domain?

Every website on the internet will need a domain, the user must type a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in the address bar. What is a URL? A URL is address location for a file. What is a domain? The term domain can refer either to a local subnetwork or the location for sites on the Internet , for example www.cheaphostprovider.com

The format for the URL is protocol:/domain name/pathname. Here’s a sample URL: http:// www.cheaphostprovider.com/ aboutus.html protocol domain name path name

Commonly the most complicated part of using the internet is the cryptic language wherein it operates. It may be downright intimidating, however there’s some common sense to it.

To move to a website online or the net, you need to style a Uniform resource Locator (URL) within the address bar. A URL is linked to what is on record on the internet, which is linked to a domain.

Http:// Most URLs start with this prefix, which stands for hypertext transfer protocol. Www. The letters www are typically a general a part of a web address, but they’re now not continually present. They stand for World Wide Web. cheaphostprovider.com. This is the area identifier, or known as the domain name, or the name of the host pc where the place the website online is located. The .com suffix is quick for commercial. You’ll additionally come across different suffixes:

How do I purchase a domain?

To Purchase a domain

You can purchase a domain from the Client Portal, please click here to access the portal to purchase your domain.

How do I know what domain is available?

How to find out if a Domain is available

Once when you go to our client portal to find your domain, you will simply enter in the domain you want to purchase, then click on the button to check availability button. The sytem will check to see which domains are available for you.

How much are domains?

Price of domains

The Price of domains can vary, but domains are typically under $20 a year. You can check the cost under here.