Affordable Search Engine Placement


Concentrate on what is the target market for your business: Detect appropriate search volume key phrases prioritize keywords that have higher rankings with comparison with the competition for every keyword, thus creating a formula for web traffic for your site.


Inject the key-phrase/keyword formula that was identified into your businesses website, also utilizing internal links, URL Structure, sitemap and HTML coding. Engineering each webpage to optimize its full potential.


With this step, once when your businesses site is live on the web, your website will need to be enhanced, the goal is to improve your site authority with fine-tuning and maintenance, this is the beginning phase of indexing (search engines start to gather data).


Within this phase we observe your businesses SEO website progress, by monitoring keyword activity and social networking, we monitor growth, competition, and interactions across your social accounts. We will send a report weekly showing progress. Keep note: A well development / optimized website will typically start to rank within 4-6 months, if anyone tries to promise sooner results be cautious, which most who claim this are fraud.

Affordable Search Engine Placement

Did you know that 85% of Consumers use the Internet to Find Local Businesses, If you do not have a online presence, then you are missing a large market. We at Cheap Host Provider focus on Affordable Search Engine Placement, putting your business on the digital landscape, so clients can find you online. Please contact us, we have Affordable Search Engine Placement Plans.

We do not just focus on Lead/Search Engine Optimization, we are also a Web Hosting Provider, and a Domain Register, what this means we are a one stop shop, we can also help build your website, create online exposure and build social networking.

Please check out prices and plans, which web hosting starts at $1 a month, and Lead Generation/SEO which starts at $99 a month

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